Herb Recordings is an independent record label based in Scotland (Glasgow), specialising in innovative, contemporary music of varying styles. The label was formed in 2006 out of a love for melody and experimentalism and those values are still as important to us today, as they were when we first started. 

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To sign up for our newsletter, please send an email with subscribe in the title to; info@herbrecordings.com

If you would like to send us a demo,  then please provide a link to somewhere we can listen online.  Use the email address above to get in touch.  Please DO NOT attach files to the email.   We are no longer accepting CD demos. 




Latest Releases

Tallulah - Pumajaw
I Slept Moments For You - Vedette


Clash Magazine

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Rat Faced Boy - Nuka 10/06/2013

Kinkslap & Locum76 - Sayonara Aqua 05/08/2013

L-Tek - Togetherness 19/08/2013

Solipsism - Seed Arcanum 25/08/2013


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